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Starting as a "New" Photographer: Greenville, NC

Updated: Apr 29, 2022

Long time no talk since my last blog. A lot has happened in the last year beside the continuation of the pandemic. I have packed up my life from Long Island and have relocated to North Carolina. I have been here for 4 months and I would say the changes have been good for my personal life.

For my photography, I'm having to start from square one which has its ups and downs. With not having as many inquiries for sessions, I have had more time to do research and learn more about marketing or how to get more traffic on my website. I have also learned new editing techniques for my photos and networked with new models and photographers in my area. With all the great feedback from creators I have decided to host a photography meet up in April at the Museum of Art in Raleigh, NC. So excited to meet others in person and see all the great photos that come from it!

If you are in the are and want more information on the photography meet up, please see the link below,

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